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“Jessica is an experienced beautician as well as has worked in care facilities, so she really understands and cares well for her clients. My mother is 99 years old, and completely bed bound and cannot move even to a wheelchair. Jessie’s visits are enjoyable for her as she washes her hair while she is in bed, gives her a manicure and then at times a pedicure. She also cuts her hair on occasion. These times cheer my mother up from her regular routine and give her contact with someone besides the staff who are so busy in their work at her assisted care facility. Mom feels better after Jessie is finished. She loves her nails and feels beautiful in spite of her condition. Jessie cares and my Mom loves her. I recommend her business and work.”

-Carol, clients daughter.

“What Jessie does is life changing. Due to my wife not being able to leave the house her Hair & Nail services have saved us as well as made my wife very happy. It’s a win win situation. I would recommend Jessie to anyone.”

-John, clients husband.

“We are so appreciative to have her come to our home and take care of our Nail Care services. She is very cheerful and positive.”

-Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, clients.

“Jessie provides great services just the way I want.”

-Novalee, client.

“It’s so convenient to have Jessie come to me and my husband due to us living in a retirement home. It changes our world. She always does everything the way we like it.”

-Majorie, client.

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